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Application Form

I Wife / Husband / Daughter Resident.

Vikas Kshetra , District , Uttar Pradesh.

I want to install drip irrigation / mini sprinkler / portable sprinkler system on my hectare land whose plot number is . For this purpose I have, on my own will, selected the company nominated by UPMIP.

I know that:

  1. I am responsible for depositing the farmer's share as prescribed by the Government.
  2. The prescribed farmer's share will be deposited by me on receipt of the order.
  3. The entire responsibility of online application will be mine which includes all the attached stamp papers, affidavits, notarizations etc.
  4. For small and marginal farmers, farmer's share will be only 10% and for big farmers, it will be 20%.
  5. If any additional material is used than the standard, the farmer is responsible for the additional payment.

Attachments - Aadhar Card, Photo (2), Khatauni, Bank Passbook, Mobile Number.